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Fly Panda - Stunt By Any Means Necessary
Posted: Friday - February 22, 2013 | Comments: (3)

 Fly Panda


Do you remember the American science fiction Star Trek? Imagine if there was a club on the USS Enterprise spaceship which played futuristic hip hop…Fly Panda would be the group that united all the species aboard the spaceship: Vulcans, Klingons, and Romulans all in one place stunting!


Simply put when Fly Panda is in the equation a party will ensue. Bold and fearless Fly Panda (Winter Rae, Cory Boyd & Luke Ka$h) is ready to take the world where no man has gone before.


The trio adds their unique style and terminology to beats with such velocity that the finished product takes your body prisoner. Winter Rae is the sugar and spice of the group, who brings an explosive females are just as thorough as men attitude. Then you have Cory Boyd who creates mind blowing beats for Fly Panda and artist such as Chris Brown and Keri Hilson. Last but not least, Luke Ka$h completes the trio; he adds the proverbial cherry on top with his grimy straight out of Watts flow.


Yo! Raps talks with the group about their stunt movement, what their hopes are for the future and how they took a trendy song and made it triumphant. Enjoy getting to know Fly Panda!


How did you all come up with such an interesting name as Fly Panda?


Winter Rae: The day after we decided to pursue the group together we were celebrating at Applebee's when a very handsome older gentleman walked in and sat down at the bar next to me.  He was going on and on about how much he loves taking long walks in the park with his two Golden Retrievers when all of a sudden it dawned on me… We should call the group Fly Panda!


Who is Fly Panda?


Lukas Ka$h: Fly Panda is the trillest, sickest, coldest, realest, newest, dopest, flyest group since ever.  We are, Winter Rae, Lukas Ka$h, Dj Cory Bold, and a giant panda named Maurice.  We are freedom. We are great. We are survival. We are dominance. We Are!


Each of you is very talented, why belong to a group verses being solo?


Cory Bold: Why not? I'm sure each of us individually could easily be superstars on our own, but it's only genius to combine our talents to become a super group; basically a Justice Society of America for the music industry.


Take us on the journey of how you became a group?


Winter Rae: It was all my idea. After Ka$h and Cory invited me to be a part of it.


Fly Panda has a unique appeal, describe your audience.


Luke Ka$h: Our audience is ages 8 - 80 humans, aliens, and babies. I’m not making this up; I only speak the facts from our YouTube analytics. I have young kids, young adults, older men and women, gays, and people from every race: Black, White, Asian, Latino, Pacific Islander, Middle Eastern etc. You get the picture. 


What is Fly Panda’s mission in music, what goals have you all set?


Cory Bold: Our mission is to empower and inspire all over the world. We put a lot of passion into creating a movement with each song.  We've set a goal to connect the entire world through our music. We don't care what you are, whether it is a misfit kid, top executive, horseback rider, or even a stripper, you'll be able to connect to our songs and turn up.


Who would you all like to work with that you believe would take the Fly Panda sound to the next level?


Winter Rae: Fly Panda in 2022!


Ka$h has made a conscience decision not to use profanity in his flow, tell us why this is important to the group?


Luke Ka$h: I want to change the perception of what a rapper is supposed to rap like. I want to change how we perceive a rapper from the ghetto should act, talk, look like. Change how a rapper is supposed to treat his relationship life, raise kids, spend his money, and do business. I’m going to slam-dunk on rapper stereotypes.  I am Lukas Ka$h!


Fly Panda seems to have a similar formula as the Black Eye Peas, what makes you different?


Cory Boyd: Thank you! B.E.P. is amazing and to even be compared to those awesome guys is an honor. What makes us different you ask? We've got a panda in the band named Maurice who rocks a golden AK chain around his neck, complete with mink fur, swagger and an explosive appetite for Victoria Secret models.


You’re labeled a pop group; does that suit your sound? Or how would you like to be labeled?


Winter Rae: Ratchet pop.


What inspired the #stunt movement?


Luke Ka$h: The want to give everyone around the world a word that represents style, confidence, ambition, victory, fashion, approval, elegance; something that can actually replace cursing. Stunt can go with anything. It’s like the new swag. But most of all, a word that represent not caring about what others think or say you should be. Just #stunt on them!


Winter Rae: Life inspired.  Live your life, love your life.


Cory Boyd: Fandas. They need legitimately hot new music and we're going to deliver it. 



Whose decision was it to take the popular song, Call Me, and turn it into a Fly Panda original or as Perez Hilton refers to it, “Call Me on Crack!”


Cory Boyd: This is crazy (no pun intended), but I remember I was in the midst of making this trap beat. This girl's phone went off in the studio right as I had hit a pause on the beat, and her ring tone goes "Where you think you going baby" right on time and the idea was born. We all vibed out to the track and off a whim decided to team up on it. We added some dope vocals and the rest is history. 


What do you hope to be known for?


Winter Rae: Musical genius. 


What special projects is Fly Panda working on?


Lukas Ka$h: We are working on getting DJ Cory Bold finished with the 3rd grade, as well as getting Winter’s stripper college loan paid off. We also are finishing up a few videos, creating some great lifestyle content and making some very big strategic partnerships with some huge brands. Lastly, we are focused on taking over the entire music scene in one year and be (I humbly say this) one of the biggest groups/musical acts to ever do music.


Tell us how to follow and support you?


Bookmark www.flypandamusic.com. That will bring you to our YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, etc.


- By Alysha “AP” Price

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