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Rev Run's Daughters Owe IRS $450k
Posted: Friday - January 6, 2012 | Comments: (0)

 Angela & Vanessa SimmonsVanessa and Angela Simmons, daughters of Hip-Hop veteran Rev Run, owe the Internal Revenue Service nearly $450,000 collectively, according to the Detroit News.


The sisters, who once appeared on a MTV reality show titled Run’s House for four seasons alongside the rest of their family, have racked up debt in both New York City and Sacramento, California. The first lien was levied against Vanessa and Angela for $44,253 and

$39,538 respectively in Sacramento County Court on March 23. Soon after Angela, 24, was hit a lien for $132,466 on April 1 and another for $27,248 on May 28 in New York City.  Not one to be outdone, Vanessa, 28, followed suit later in the year with a $157,787 lien on November 10 and another on December 22 for $22,528, bringing her total to $224,568.  Including a $26,658 lien by the New York City register for $26,658 in December, Angela’s total debt comes to $225,910.


Thus far, neither sister has released a statement regarding the news. But the twosome is reportedly gearing up for the release of a new line of shoes that features their brand Pastry Shoes collaborating with Hello Kitty. They also revealed an interest in opening up their brand to include more than just shoes during a recent interview with Jet Magazine.


- By Kim Taylor

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