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Gudda Gudda - Family Life
Posted: Friday - August 16, 2013 | Comments: (0)
 Gudda GuddaGudda Gudda is a New Orleans born and bred artist. His unquestionable love and loyalty for his Cash Money family is evident. After being affiliated as true friends with Weezy for 15 years, Gudda said Wayne inspired him to rap and with his "Guddaville" mixtape series consistently burning up the streets, Gudda is well prepped for his YMCMB debut album. No date has been set as of yet but Gudda says he wants to move a million units. He’s definitely in the right camp to do those kinds of numbers but only the music and the future will tell us the outcome of his hopes In any event Gudda goes extra hard and with that kind of determination it’s hard to fail.

Give us a little history about yourself. Where are you from and what was your life and your grind like prior to signing with cash money?

I’m from New Orleans. I basically met Wayne and I wasn’t rapping at the time but he was my homie and he used to come through my hood and scoop me up. We just built a relationship to the point where when he started his own record label I was rapping so he said I should try to put some of that on paper. At first I thought he was joking but he was dead serious. I would spit for him but he would be laughing at my rhymes and I asked him what you laughing at? I thought my rhymes where whack and he was like you got something, so I kept working on it and he kept putting out mixtapes and the rest is history.

Cash Money is a big click so do you feel like the label supports you or do you feel like you get overshadowed having so many artists on the label?

You know there’s a difference between me and other artists. I’m family. I’ve been around these people like 15 years. I was around when they got there first deal. I just signed to the label and I’m family. As far as being overshadowed, nah I do what I do and I ghostwrite for artists that people don’t know about.

What new projects are you working on?

Right now, I’m working on my album. I did a lot stuff for the "Rich Gang" album. I’ve been writing, producing and working on my album. I’m working on another mixtape and also the "Guddaville 3" mixtape is available for download free online.

Can we expect an album from you and if so when?

Yeah, next year

What’s the best and worst part about being signed to YMCMB?

The best part of course it’s the biggest label as far as music and the worst is that people think that I’m overshadowed and I don’t feel that way because I get treated like family and not like a artist and they let me work at my pace. I don’t have to be rushed, I turn in my records when I want and I don’t have pressure on me. It’s really nothing bad on my end.

How much do Wayne and Baby oversee your work or are you allowed to be in creative control?

I’m in full creative control. They don’t really step on toes unless they feel they need to. I turn in my music they critique it and see where we go from there.

Who are you bumping in your ride right now?

A lot of my unreleased music and of course J. Cole. I’m listening to Jay-Z’s new album, Mac Miller, Wale, all the people who dropped something recently.

Are there any features on your next project?

Of course! Wayne and I got another joint with Busta Ryhmes. I’m working on Drake. Outside of the camp I want to work with people I grew up listening to like Kool G Rap or Dr. Dre.

What’s one of the best things Wayne or Baby or anyone for that matter has taught you about how to survive in this industry?

I would say Birdman. He use to tell me no matter how much money you get there’s always going to be slow point in the game and when he told me that, I didn’t get it but when it slowed down for me I was like damn. I didn’t understand that because I wasn’t really getting money like that but when I started getting money I realized it’s up and down you have good month, you have bad month and he warned me about that before I even had it.

What’s one jewel that you have been taught in life that you still live by to this day and who gave you the jewel?

I got a lot of jewels from a lot of wise people but I would say my mother. She would always tell me watch the company you keep and that’s real till this day. I always look back on shit I wasn’t supposed to be in and that stuck with me because I use to get into shit that got me in trouble and I found out how to get myself out of it and my mother always told me watch the company you keep.

If you had to leave the planet earth today, what would be the one thing you would leave behind so the world could remember you as person & remember your musical legacy?

Hopefully my album and the "Guddaville" mixtapes. I treat it like my album. I put my all in to these projects. Anybody in the camp will tell you how hard I go. I feel like I already left behind mine so if I go tomorrow I think they will remember me for them mixtapes but of course when I finally put out my retail album that will be my real legacy I want people to receive that as a classic.

These are "Shout Outz" where I’ll ask a quick group of questions and you give me the first thing that comes to your mind.

What’s your favorite food?

Crab cakes

What’s your favorite drink alcoholic or non-alcoholic?

Sprite and Patron.

What’s your favorite sports team?

Boston Celtics.

Who’s your favorite sports figure dead or alive?

Kevin Garnett.

What’s your favorite place to visit?

New Orleans.

What’s your favorite fashion brand?


Who was the person or artist that made you want to become an artist?

Lil Wayne.

At the end of the day what is your ultimate goal?

To sell 1 million records.

Any last words for our readers?

Yeah, follow me on twitter @ImGuddaGudda, the same on Instagram and s/o to all my fans and the people who support the movement, much love!

- By KB Tindal & Agustin A. Iglesias

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